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Protect, Plan & Advance Your Unique Situations of Wealth

As your financial representatives, our first job is to help you protect your current position of wealth. We then work with you, creating a life map for achieving and protecting your complete narrative of wealth.


Insurance is often one of the most confusing and misunderstood areas of a person’s balance sheet. Properly understanding your protection levels and risk exposure can be a very important analysis to planning your overall financial balance.



Most people never “plan to fail” however the research clearly supports the realization that many “fail to plan”. Funding a meaningful retirement will be the biggest financial challenge that all clients will face.


Education Funding

Many families find they must borrow at least some money to help pay expenses for their college-bound teenagers. Student loans can provide a significant share of a student’s total financial aid package.



Many folks think of accumulating money for their next car or for holiday spending as investing. These are really savings activities, since they span a short time frame and usually involve low-risk strategies and products such as bank accounts, CD’s and the like


Estate Planning

Estate planning has traditionally focused on minimizing estate taxes and directing the disposition of your assets after death. Yet, in today’s modern world, managing your affairs has become even more complicated as issues involving health care and personal finances


Business Owners

While owning a business provides many benefits one of the biggest challenges business owners face is how to effectively maximize benefit and retirement plans to accomplish the goals of the owner. Other scenarios of business continuation and ownership transfer along with insulating against the loss of a key employee often expose a small business to unnecessary risk and instability


Charitable Planning

Many individuals have the desire to include a charitable giving component to their plan. One of their concerns is how to make an impact to their favorite cause without disinheriting their family.