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Business Owners

HR, accounting, marketing, legal and regulatory issuesthat face a business often cause business owners to become stuck – working IN their businesses rather than ON their businesses.

Important decisions about Business Continuation, Planning an Exit Strategy or Strategies to Retain Key Employees often get neglected or put aside to deal with “more pressing issues.“

Your vision is to build a successful business; our mission is to help you navigate the S.W.O.T’s (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that could quickly and permanently tear down years of hard work. By teaming with your Chartwell Financial Group advisor, you have access to the most current and effective strategies for protecting your business and providing a competitive and affordable benefit plan that will attract and keep your top talent.

“It isn’t the facts of one’s environment, but ones attitude toward them, that determines whether one will be defeated or victorious.” – David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Issues to consider:

  • Who will run my business in the event that I am unable to? How will I pay them and how will I pay myself?
  • Who would take over my business if I was deceased or permanently disabled?
  • How will I exit from the business when I am ready to retire and how will I receive retirement income?
  • How does business ownership affect my Estate Plan and what tax liability does it create?
  • Are there strategies for rewarding select key employees without being required to provide the same benefits for the rest of my employees?
  • What strategies exist to help me save more for my family and my retirement?

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